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A simple to use application which allows you to easily schedule the computer shutdown
but also trigger the system reboot or
log off on demand

Supports Windows      Developed By Priyanshu Kumar

RTG NINJA AUTO SHUTDOWN allows you to schedule the system shutdown, with ease. You simply need to enter the desired hour and let the application power off the computer while you are already away. The application is lightweight and can silently run in the background until the time comes for shutting down the PC.
Simple to use shutdown scheduler
RTG NINJA AUTO SHUTDOWN can come in handy in many situations, all which imply the need to shutdown the system, with a certain delay. If you are away from your desk and cannot shutdown the system, you can simply open RTG NINJA AUTO SHUTDOWN, set the desire hour and leave the application to run on the desktop or in the background.
Whether you wish to protect your privacy, save power or control the time your children spend on the computer, this simple application can help you shutdown the computer at the desired time. Moreover, it allows you to set a scheduler, as well as manually give it the command to shutdown, restart or log off.
Scheduler or instant command
The scheduler is only built to work with the shutdown, but the other options allow you to quickly and safely power off/reboot the system or log off. Any station features integrated power off functions, however, RTG NINJA AUTO SHUTDOWN makes it much easier for you to perform this task.
The program allows you to set the timer for the automatic shutdown, by specifying the exact hour, minutes, seconds and A.M./P.M. The current hour is also displayed in the software�s interface, based on the system time.
Shutdown assistant running in silent mode
RTG NINJA AUTO SHUTDOWN can run in silent mode, if you click the HIDE button and cannot be found in the System Tray. This option can constitute a reliable security measure, in case your children wish to use the computer, for example. Thus, if they cannot find the application, they cannot disable the schedule.

All computers come with a set of power options to allow you to determine what you want to do. However, it is not always easy to access these features unless you have technical knowledge. For example, you will not automatically get the Hibernate option on Windows 8 unless you know how to activate it. Thankfully, Ninja Shutdown gives you easy access to various power options. Whether you want to log off, shut down or reboot your computer, the lightweight program makes it convenient for you.
Ninja Shutdown displays the current time and date on its user interface, which is based on the computer�s time. The time comes in handy when you want to schedule your system�s shutdown. You can set the specific time you want the program to turn off the computer, whether it is AM or PM. You can set the exact time, including hour, minute and second and then click the "SET" button.
Depending on your reason for scheduling powering off of your computer, it may be necessary to keep Ninja Shutdown out of sight. For instance, you may want to control the duration children spend on the computer without them having the opportunity to tamper with your setting. In such a case, simply click the "HIDE" button for the program to run in silent mode. Its icon will not even appear on the system tray. The button is located on the lower left corner of the application window.
Apart from using the scheduler, you can use Ninja Shutdown to turn off, restart or log out via prominent buttons on the Power Controls window, which you access by clicking the button marked "PC".
The program includes a profile management feature that allows you to save your configured settings and re-use them as often as you want.